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Does this word scare you? If does, lets spell it differently, lets call it: “the practice of life”

Lets Highlight the general BENEFITS of “the practice of life” first:

                        PHYSICAL BENEFITS:

Increase flexibility.  

Improve balance.

Improve respiration.

Improve Energy and Vitality.

Maintain a balanced metabolism.

Weight reduction.

Cardio and respiratory health.

Improve athletic performance.

Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown.

Protection of spine. 

Bone health. 

Increase blood flow.

Drains lymphs and boosts immunity. 

Protect against injury. 

Stimulates the endocrine system. 

Improve digestion and elimination.

Increase muscle strength and tone. 

                        MENTAL BENEFITS

Improve self-confidence.

Increase body awareness.

Reduce stress.

Reduce anxiety.

Help people with depression.

Reduce anger.

Protects against Brain Aging.

Help deal with grief, guilt, fear, and other negative feelings.

Help with compulsive, eating and other disorders.

Improve memory and concentration.

Yoga is for everyone, its NOT just for the flexible, its NOT just for the skinny, its NOT just for the ones that can sit still…but for ALL of us.

All of us, moms, dads, teenagers, children, singles, married, older, younger, stressed, relaxed….( or all labels found out there).

All of us that face life in different ways, experience different experiences, have different traumas and problems, have different options, cultures, believes….

“PRACTICING LIFE” is for everyone, period.