A word can magnify your purpose.

As a teenager I remember how much I was focused in the future. Studying hard, saying no for a lot of fun moments so I would not miss one minute from being with my books taking in as much as I could, so I could get in at the great University and make everybody proud.

I remember how much I wanted to be like some girl in my class, who looked like she got all figured out. I wanted to have her brain, her body, her life…There wasn’t much that I liked about me. But I had a focus, study to get into college. I did. I got in.

The expectation were high, my efforts, the money spend till that moment, were all big for me to turn back. I did not know if law was what I really wanted. Maybe I didn’t have much option (at least that was what I thought) In my head I wasn’t good enough to become a singer or an actress, and also I didn’t have the people to support me on that. I didn’t even know who I was yet, what I wanted, what was my purpose.

Time passed, my anxiety grew and grew till I was eating boxes and packages of cookies in minutes, so I could have a moment of pleasure between the hard studying of something that I saw no reason for…minutes later I would regret, feel discussed with myself, go to the bathroom and vomit. I did that for quite some time, maybe years, punishing myself for being so weak, so scared, so afraid, I basically injured not just my vocal chords but a little of my soul.

I graduated from law school. Now the expectation to became someone was even more blowed up. So I ran, something called for me to come to America. I was finally able to be myself, do what I wanted to do, experience, discover, explore, take time to enjoy freedom, and figure out who I was and my purpose.

I found Yoga, took some time to start to enjoy it, but when I did, it helped me in so many aspects of my like…So God spoke to me, and said, go, help people through this. Even if you think you are not good enough. I studied Yoga for 1 year, got certified and started to teach. My heart was always humble and honestly ready to help.

After 5 years teaching, today after my class I got in my car put my head down and tears rolled down my face. Was God speaking to me again. He said: “I told you”.

At the end of my class, this lovely, beautiful, gentle, 15 year old, that has been coming to my classes for over a year, came to give me a hug with her eyes watery. She said: “Thank you, for all that you did for me. I am not the same person that I was when I walked in this class.” then I said: You were always this person, you just didn’t know, you had too much blocking your own view.

For a 15 year old passed through all that she has, she was brave to keep coming back, and I am so thankful because when I decided to go through this journey I asked God, please let me help one teenager, let my words touch their heart, so they can see who they truly are. It is so had being a teenager, trying to fit in, trying to figure out, decide, mature, all the expectations, all the confusion, all the doubts.

When I sat in my car I realized that she helped me more than I helped her. Her words, her tears were God’s answer to my purpose.

When you feel it, do not forget to say it. Sometimes you can magnify somebody’s purpose.



As Parents, how much we judge?

How many times a day you doubt or judge yourself as a parent?, not just by the things you do, but specially the things your kids do? Sometimes you don’t believe in your eyes, and usually those times you get mad at them because of  your mixed feelings : WHAT DID I DO WRONG? WHAT DID I MISS? WASNT I THERE ENOUGH? IS THAT GENETIC? WAS THAT SCHOOL A GOOD OPTION? SHOULD I HAVE HOMESCHOOLED? SHOULD I NOT HAVE HOMESCHOOLED? WAS I TOO PROTECTIVE? TOO OPEN? TOO STRICT? DID I YELL TO MUCH? DIDNT I YELL ENOUGH? DID I GIVE ENOUGH LIMITS? and the questions go on and on and on …

The truth is they are different human beings, they have a lot of us, but also a lot of differences too. They might learn in different ways. Even if we fight ourselves to do everything to the opposite as our parents did. We still, from the gut react in situations just the way our parents did. Believe me, they were and maybe still doubt what they did or said. So you are not alone, we try to aim for perfection, but as we know that is an illusion and it does not exist. You are going to teach your kids your view of what is good and bad, with your fears, your doubts, your believes, even your insanity. In the end all will be fine, because whatever you did and do, is with all the love in the world. Doesn’t matter what the internet, your friends or even your family say.

In the end you will be YOU, trying to be the best YOU that YOU can be for your children. Putting your kids earlier to bed because you have a headache or you had a bad day at work; having them staying in a daycare that does not smell that good, but has a woman with a sweet and gentle smile that charges you the amount you can afford. Not having time to sit down and do homework with your child because you need to cook, clean and take care of everybody else; does not make you a bad parent, will not make your kids turn to be bad people. Give them your heart, and all the things you have learned, the things that you are learning, through your mistakes and falls, and in the mist of all of that, take your time to see them, how they are, not how you expect them to be. Give your love, and your way of doing that may be completely different than your parents, or your neighbors. Be yourself, to them and to you, so they can find who they are without the clouds of expectations.

Have Fun!




Fitness Music Video – I wanna be fitness


Lets face it, social media is a big part of our lives today, even if we try to not be influenced by it, subconsciously we become hypnotized. Because its such a powerful tool it can inspire us in different ways.

We get ourselves looking at those videos and seeing those amazing pictures, getting inside the lives of some of the woman you want to be, want to become. Behind the screen everything looks perfect. The smiles, the fit bodies, the clean houses, the makeup, the perfect image, the perfect life.

As I said, this can inspire us in different ways….Unfortunately we are always trying to be someone that we are not, then embracing who we are. I am really happy with this wave of health and fitness, but makes me sad that some of the moms, teenagers health professionals are turning this into “crazy competitive business”. Just like all the inspiring quotes, changes that happen from within should start from the heart. What is the reason for your journey? Is it because it changed your life, helped you go through a loss, helped you through a divorce, helps with your anxiety? Is it because you are fighting a disease, trying to lose the baby weight, the anxiety weight, gives you energy, balance?

What is the reason for your journey into fitness? Why do you want to be fitness?

Do you want to become a health and fitness couch because you want to make extra money?, because you want to be like that skinny, pretty girl that you watch on the videos?or because you want to help people find their way into a better life like you did? Most of you will answer: all of the above, and there is nothing wrong with that. Doing something you love and making money doing it? Its heaven, right? But remember where is your heart, what you are doing this for. If you are exposing yourself out there, be there, be yourself, be real.

For the ones that are starting your fitness journey, remember that you are unique, you have your strengths and you can do anything when you put your mind, heart and focus into it. Also there are millions of good inspiring people out there, internet, videos, gyms that can help you get started. Look, search, talk, and follow your heart. Find the voice that will help you see the strong person that you are, find the voice that is comfortable to your ears and soul. Sometimes we need to be inspired to see the light, maybe we need that extra hand to help open that window. Making the right decision can take time, don’t be tricked by the “perfect” bodies. Be grateful with the body that you have, and work toward be the best version of yourself.

Good luck!








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Brother and Sister’s Love


blog-fotoI just dropped my kids in school, and I usually bring them inside, but today the physiological body screamed at me saying that I needed to get home as soon as possible. So I said : You guys go together, and I asked my son to take care of his sister….I got to my car, and there they were, going to school, holding hands and laughing and talking like if in that moment exist no one, no problem, no hurt, no pain, no worries, and in my heart flushed the most amazing feeling, not just as a mom, but also a sister of a big brother. I’ve been there, holding my big brother’s hand to go to school for the first time. I’ve never felt so protected, so loved, so strong. Suddenly I wasn’t afraid.

Having a big brother is knowing that you can always count with a man, that you will be always respected as a woman, that you usually will feel that you are more mature, but that doesn’t really matter. He will push your buttons, you will probably fight almost every day, but at the end of that day you are so happy to have him around, that doesn’t matter how old, how far, how mad you guys get, the love that you guys share its bigger, stronger and priceless. The way you see things, feel things can most of the time be different, but what you share, the connection, the memories, the intimacy are united as one heart.

My brother its a special person, he is kind, he is funny, he has a light soul, that is almost impossible not to fall in love.  I got lucky. God blessed me with not just an awesome big brother, but also an incredible human being. I miss him every day.

Now, my daughter get to have this unique, her own amazing experience. They are so different, they fight almost all the time, I feel like I spend the entire day calling their attention to be kind to one another….But I know, that when needed they will have each other’s back, or better yet: each other’s hands, the hands that will hold my heart forever.


Love you big Brother Gustavo.


Its raining


Have you felt just like the weather? Have you felt that you are like a dark cloud or that your life wont get better and you will not see the sun again? well, don’t worry, you are not the only one feeling this way. Its cloudy, my kids are so wild, and the outside seems like slow motion sadness….

If you have a little bit of control over your thoughts, when you are feeling this way you probably think that things could be way worst. So, you start to focus in the good things. Today I am going to help a friend with her flooded basement, her 2 sick kids.  My kids are going to a race, and I am trying to figure out what to say to encourage them to do their best instead of focusing in winning. We are all very competitive, but when comes to our kids we don’t want them to feel bad when they lose, and don’t wont them not to care about being their best.

Until I realized sitting here looking at this window, trying to figure out my website… the reason we are in our life race, its to run together, even if you go first or last, we are a community supporting and wishing the best of what your side friend can give. We should be there to lift them up if they fall, we should be there to give a hug if they win or lose. We are all on this race together. There are going to be sunny days and rainy days. The grass will be wet or dry, our moods will shift, somedays we wont know what to do, some days we will just want to give up,  but remember that in this race of life we all go through the change of weather, and its up to you to stay in or out, with an umbrella or bear feet, giving your best and your all.

I wish you a beautiful rainy day.





First blog post

cropped-yoga1.jpgHi Guys!

I am new to this, It took me a lot of months, days, sunsets and moons to get here, and not because I needed to plan or do a bunch of studying, but because I was procrastinating….First was to clean the house, second I “had” to the the closets, pay the bills, do videos, prepare classes, edit pictures, make cards, make bracelets, focus in the kids homework and school work, breathe more because kids are fighting more, rehearse, record, and of course work, work….wow. Yes, I did procrastinate, maybe mostly because I was afraid to start, waiting for the right words and inspiration to drop from the sky. Until this moment that I realized we are all surrounded by feelings and experiences to talk about, you just need to put yourself out there. If is inspiration that you are looking for, take a nice look inside of yourself and around you and you will find something to talk or write about, step out of your fear specially if you are afraid of what people are going to think about it, accept your heart desires and go for it. Thats what I am doing.

It is easy to postpone, its easy to look the other way, but its not easy to live with the regrets of not doing, and that becoming days turning into years until you think is too late.

Lets do this. Don’t overthink, if there is something you are planning to do for a while, a deep desire, maybe to help, maybe to change, maybe related to a job, a hobby, a trip, a relationship, a dream, a wish, START. TAKE A FIRST STEP, the second will be much easier.

Happy 2017.