We are all in a search, and I am not different than you. I love life and everything that comes with it. I love smiles, kisses, warm hugs, my kids laughs, I love long talks with old friends, I love doing yoga, I love reading something that touches my soul, I love watermelon and all other fruits actually, I love the smell of just made bread, rice and beans and lettuce, I love riding a horse and a bicycle. I love to travel, other cultures, simplicity, humbleness. I love learning new things. Chocolate. I love capturing with a camera a unique and precious moment. I love music, singing, playing, making good sounds. I love art, I love colors, smells and the wind with the sun touching my skin. I love going under water, the song of the ocean, the sunset and sunrise. I love being warm. Positive attitude. Courage and Kindness. I love being connected, focused and present. I love the journey.