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Lets face it, social media is a big part of our lives today, even if we try to not be influenced by it, subconsciously we become hypnotized. Because its such a powerful tool it can inspire us in different ways.

We get ourselves looking at those videos and seeing those amazing pictures, getting inside the lives of some of the woman you want to be, want to become. Behind the screen everything looks perfect. The smiles, the fit bodies, the clean houses, the makeup, the perfect image, the perfect life.

As I said, this can inspire us in different ways….Unfortunately we are always trying to be someone that we are not, then embracing who we are. I am really happy with this wave of health and fitness, but makes me sad that some of the moms, teenagers health professionals are turning this into “crazy competitive business”. Just like all the inspiring quotes, changes that happen from within should start from the heart. What is the reason for your journey? Is it because it changed your life, helped you go through a loss, helped you through a divorce, helps with your anxiety? Is it because you are fighting a disease, trying to lose the baby weight, the anxiety weight, gives you energy, balance?

What is the reason for your journey into fitness? Why do you want to be fitness?

Do you want to become a health and fitness couch because you want to make extra money?, because you want to be like that skinny, pretty girl that you watch on the videos?or because you want to help people find their way into a better life like you did? Most of you will answer: all of the above, and there is nothing wrong with that. Doing something you love and making money doing it? Its heaven, right? But remember where is your heart, what you are doing this for. If you are exposing yourself out there, be there, be yourself, be real.

For the ones that are starting your fitness journey, remember that you are unique, you have your strengths and you can do anything when you put your mind, heart and focus into it. Also there are millions of good inspiring people out there, internet, videos, gyms that can help you get started. Look, search, talk, and follow your heart. Find the voice that will help you see the strong person that you are, find the voice that is comfortable to your ears and soul. Sometimes we need to be inspired to see the light, maybe we need that extra hand to help open that window. Making the right decision can take time, don’t be tricked by the “perfect” bodies. Be grateful with the body that you have, and work toward be the best version of yourself.

Good luck!








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