Brother and Sister’s Love


blog-fotoI just dropped my kids in school, and I usually bring them inside, but today the physiological body screamed at me saying that I needed to get home as soon as possible. So I said : You guys go together, and I asked my son to take care of his sister….I got to my car, and there they were, going to school, holding hands and laughing and talking like if in that moment exist no one, no problem, no hurt, no pain, no worries, and in my heart flushed the most amazing feeling, not just as a mom, but also a sister of a big brother. I’ve been there, holding my big brother’s hand to go to school for the first time. I’ve never felt so protected, so loved, so strong. Suddenly I wasn’t afraid.

Having a big brother is knowing that you can always count with a man, that you will be always respected as a woman, that you usually will feel that you are more mature, but that doesn’t really matter. He will push your buttons, you will probably fight almost every day, but at the end of that day you are so happy to have him around, that doesn’t matter how old, how far, how mad you guys get, the love that you guys share its bigger, stronger and priceless. The way you see things, feel things can most of the time be different, but what you share, the connection, the memories, the intimacy are united as one heart.

My brother its a special person, he is kind, he is funny, he has a light soul, that is almost impossible not to fall in love.  I got lucky. God blessed me with not just an awesome big brother, but also an incredible human being. I miss him every day.

Now, my daughter get to have this unique, her own amazing experience. They are so different, they fight almost all the time, I feel like I spend the entire day calling their attention to be kind to one another….But I know, that when needed they will have each other’s back, or better yet: each other’s hands, the hands that will hold my heart forever.


Love you big Brother Gustavo.



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