Its raining


Have you felt just like the weather? Have you felt that you are like a dark cloud or that your life wont get better and you will not see the sun again? well, don’t worry, you are not the only one feeling this way. Its cloudy, my kids are so wild, and the outside seems like slow motion sadness….

If you have a little bit of control over your thoughts, when you are feeling this way you probably think that things could be way worst. So, you start to focus in the good things. Today I am going to help a friend with her flooded basement, her 2 sick kids.  My kids are going to a race, and I am trying to figure out what to say to encourage them to do their best instead of focusing in winning. We are all very competitive, but when comes to our kids we don’t want them to feel bad when they lose, and don’t wont them not to care about being their best.

Until I realized sitting here looking at this window, trying to figure out my website… the reason we are in our life race, its to run together, even if you go first or last, we are a community supporting and wishing the best of what your side friend can give. We should be there to lift them up if they fall, we should be there to give a hug if they win or lose. We are all on this race together. There are going to be sunny days and rainy days. The grass will be wet or dry, our moods will shift, somedays we wont know what to do, some days we will just want to give up,  but remember that in this race of life we all go through the change of weather, and its up to you to stay in or out, with an umbrella or bear feet, giving your best and your all.

I wish you a beautiful rainy day.






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