First blog post

cropped-yoga1.jpgHi Guys!

I am new to this, It took me a lot of months, days, sunsets and moons to get here, and not because I needed to plan or do a bunch of studying, but because I was procrastinating….First was to clean the house, second I “had” to the the closets, pay the bills, do videos, prepare classes, edit pictures, make cards, make bracelets, focus in the kids homework and school work, breathe more because kids are fighting more, rehearse, record, and of course work, work….wow. Yes, I did procrastinate, maybe mostly because I was afraid to start, waiting for the right words and inspiration to drop from the sky. Until this moment that I realized we are all surrounded by feelings and experiences to talk about, you just need to put yourself out there. If is inspiration that you are looking for, take a nice look inside of yourself and around you and you will find something to talk or write about, step out of your fear specially if you are afraid of what people are going to think about it, accept your heart desires and go for it. Thats what I am doing.

It is easy to postpone, its easy to look the other way, but its not easy to live with the regrets of not doing, and that becoming days turning into years until you think is too late.

Lets do this. Don’t overthink, if there is something you are planning to do for a while, a deep desire, maybe to help, maybe to change, maybe related to a job, a hobby, a trip, a relationship, a dream, a wish, START. TAKE A FIRST STEP, the second will be much easier.

Happy 2017.



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